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“Quality product at a fraction of the cost”

“Thank you for providing a way for me to provide a quality product at a fraction of the cost. As the owner of a marketing company, I strive to provide quality while respecting my clients' budgets and timelines. StockLayouts has given me the flexibility to be efficient and competitive without sacrificing style and professionalism.”

Lee Ann G., President/CEO

“Look like a rock star”

“Being both a Creative Director and responsible for the bulk of the production work, StockLayouts has saved my bacon on countless occasions. All of the hard work is done, thanks to creative, professional-looking, easy to customize designs. In terms of value, the collection I purchased has paid for itself MANY times over.”

Julie, Creative Director

“We will definitely work with StockLayouts again”

“I was a bit hesitant about purchasing the template because I wasn't sure if it would be easy to work with and how it would turn out. I chose to work with the template in Microsoft Word and to my surprise it was incredibly easy to use! It took very little effort to add images, insert text, and move things around. We will definitely work with StockLayouts again.”

Alaina, CEO for Non Profit

Did You Know. . .

According to, 93% of our customers would recommend to a colleague.

“Best ‘secret’ I’ve come across in the last 5 years”

“For the time, money, and amazing creativity and quality, StockLayouts can't be beat. It’s like having a design assistant on staff without having to pay them a salary and benefits! StockLayouts is the best "secret" I’ve come across in the last 5 years.”

Melissa, Communications Director

“What’s most important to me, is the flexibility of the design”

“I can’t tell you how many times using StockLayouts has gotten me out of a jam. By purchasing pre-designed layouts I am able to complete attractive projects in a timely manner. What's most important to me, is the flexibility of the design. Most often, I find something close to what I need and adjust to make it just right!”

Salley, Marketing Director

“Made us look like superheroes”

“It was every designers nightmare. The call came in from the client late afternoon and they needed a rush brochure layout by tomorrow. Much to my relief, I found the perfect design on StockLayouts - all fitted up and ready to go. StockLayouts helped us generate a successful promo brochure and made us look like superheroes.”

Mike, Graphic Designer

“Massive time saver for design professionals!”

“Great easy downloads and such varied products, massive time saver for marketing and design professionals. Would have no hesitation in recommending.”

Maria, Designer

“You have made my job much easier”

“Our agency has been searching for a professional looking design to update our image. When we found your website, we knew the search had ended. Thanks to StockLayouts, you have made my job much easier!”

Nancy, Director of Marketing

“Gets my juices burning”

“Sometimes, as a Graphic Artist, you hit a design roadblock that you just can’t seem to find the enthusiasm to break through. Then, I skim through your Design Collection and find something that gets my juices burning again. I have used your stuff over and over and will continue to use StockLayouts for my future projects.”

Howard, Graphic Artist

“Saves me time and the client money”

“A brochure template really caught my eye. I purchased and downloaded the design from your website (what an easy process!). I was able to apply my own unique touches and design style into each piece. The bottom line is that it saves me time and the client money.”

Sue, Graphic Designer

Our Customers Get Creative!

Our users do a great job customizing our templates to make their own unique designs.
Here are a few great examples:
Original Template
Customer's Design
Original Template
Customer's Design
Original Template
Customer's Design
Original Template
Customer's Design

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