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How editable are StockLayouts templates?

StockLayouts templates are fully editable as if you created them from scratch. You can add or replace images; change colors; move, scale and crop graphic elements; change the fonts and replace the filler text with your own copy to suit your individual needs.

Download a Free Sample Template to experiment with editing our templates before you buy.

Use our Template Editing Guide to get quick, helpful instructions about editing our templates in Microsoft Word and Publisher.

How do I download my templates?

Templates are available for download from your account whether you purchased an individual template or an All Access Pass. Click on the My Account link at the top of the page to access your account.

For detailed instructions, view our video tutorial on downloading templates and unzipping files.

How do I unzip the file I've downloaded?

After downloading and saving the zip file to your computer, right-click the compressed zip file and select Extract All… Follow the on-screen instructions to extract all files to the desired location on your computer. For more information about unzipping files, please see the Downloading Files chapter in our Help Guide.

Can I download my template multiple times and in different formats?

Yes.  Simply log in to your account and download the template, selecting the desired file format from the pull-down menu. Templates purchased individually are available for download in your account indefinitely. With an All Access Pass, you may download templates from the library until you reach your download limit or until your All Access Pass expires. Once your All Access Pass expires, you will no longer have access to the templates.

Are fonts included with my template?

Layout files are formatted using standard system fonts - Times, Helvetica, New Times Roman, and Arial. Although suggested fonts are displayed in thumbnail images and preview PDFs, font software is not included with the template.

Visit our Font Resources to find providers who offer fonts for purchase or free download.

Why do the text boxes contain a foreign language?

We use 'Lorem ipsum' Latin placeholder text to show the recommended size and placement of text in the layout. To personalize the layout with your unique marketing message, simply select our placeholer text and replace it with your own text.

Will I be automatically billed when my All Access Pass expires?

No.  We do not automatically bill you when your All Access Pass expires. Your purchase of an All Access Pass is a one-time purchase for a set period of time. Once your All Access Pass expires, you may purchase another one at any time.

Why can’t I edit some of the graphics and photos in my PowerPoint template?

We place some graphics and photos such as logos and backgrounds on slide masters. These graphics will repeat on all slide layouts that use the slide master.

To edit graphics placed on slide masters, click on the 'View' menu, then click 'Slide Master'. Make the changes that you want to the slide master. To return to normal view, click on the 'Slide Master View' menu, then click 'Close Master View'.

For more information, view our video tutorial on editing templates in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Do you design websites or offer website templates?

We do not design websites. StockLayouts specializes in graphic designs for print marketing communications. However, you may use the graphic elements from your templates to create matching marketing materials.

Can I display StockLayouts templates on my website?

The StockLayouts license permits you to display completed, end-user projects ("derivative works") created from our templates. If you are interested in displaying our templates for other purposes, contact Business Development for information about extended licensing options.

For complete details, please visit our Licensing.

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